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Humans are stupid. Prove me wrong.

Humans are stupid. Prove me wrong.

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You got me on my catbox.


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Your tee will still be looking good after many washes.

There's nothing worse than a tee that looks faded, mishapen and cracked after a few washes. We hand make our tees in Australia rather than subbing them out to mega cheap operaters overseas who don't really care how long it lasts.

  • Good Quality Versus Cheap-As-Possible.

    You are about to spend some of your hard earned cash. So read this. Let’s face it. There are a million online t-shirt shops out there on the interwebs. 

    Some have great ideas. Some have shit ideas. And some have shit ideas that sell in the thousands. I’m talking to you “World’s Greatest Dad”. 

    But lots of them have terrible quality. That’s because they source the cheapest possible tees - to keep costs down as low as possible - or they sub all of their printing and product out to a sweatshop somewhere. I’m talking to you Fahrood. You’re only nine - you should still be in school!

    We make sure we actually touch and feel our product quality by making them ourselves. We’ve spent a lot of time looking at the options - to find tees that aren’t too thin, don’t look like they were tailored to be worn by the Michelin Man - and will hold up to normal washing.

  • A weighty issue

    The key to getting it right is the weight. Not too light so it’s thin and weak. And not too heavy so you’ll sweat to death on a hot day.

    So, just remember, if you’re buying a tee for $9.99 or even $19.99 you aren’t going to get a lot of wears out of it. And, if the t-shirt business is charging you around ten bucks for your tee, they probably bought it for around $3. And they are likely sourcing them from some really dodgy places. And then you are going to wear it next to your skin and wash it with all your other clothes. Warning Dr Smith!

    We like inventing words at Cabonk. So we come up with the word “Pursery”. This is the act of puckering your lips when you open up the package holding your shiny new tee - and it looks and feels like crap. Join our fight to stamp out Pursery around the world today!