Buy Six. Get three more for Free.

Why do we have a nine for six deal?

I've always loved deals like this.

It means that I can buy a bunch of tees for myself and maybe squeeze in a few gifts for friends as well. Bonus! It also lets me choose some edgier ideas that I wouldn’t normally consider.

But here’s a little trade secret.

Most online tee sellers don’t make any money when you buy just one tee from their store at a time. Many actually lose money on single tee sales. That’s because most of the profit gets eaten up by marketing, operational and delivery costs. Funnily enough it doesn’t cost that much more to send you nine tees rather than just six tees.

Tee sellers, like us, make a profit on repeat sales you make or if you buy a bundle of tees. Simply because the marketing and delivery costs are proportionately lower for the sale. So, if you buy a nine-for six bundle - you are actually helping to keep our little tee-making team afloat. And we Cabonkers thank you big time for that.

You might see similar deals like this online - but be a bit wary.

If the tee seller is a bit greedy they may swap out your tee bundle for a lower quality tee unit than usual - to screw the most money out of you. We guarantee that the tees you get in a super bundle deal are the same great quality that everyone gets from Cabonk.