About Cabonk

The Japanese have a concept called Ikigai. It basically means “if you’re going to work, do something you love doing”

Cabonk is my Ikigai. I’ve always loved a funny tee - so one day I decided to start making them myself. I started the business with one of those Circuit machines to make one-off t-shirt transfers - and built it up from there.


I’ve also set up Cabonk to be simple. We do a very limited range of colours and shape varieties. If you REALLY want your tee is a specific colour then send us an email request. We aim to please.

And we believe that less is more. Many t-shirt creators tend to plaster their designs over the whole front of back it. Maybe they think customers want to buy as much ink as possible? I’ve never been able to figure that one out. This usually means that you end up with a tee that looks like its trying to SHOUT its message at you. Hey you… look at me!!!!!!!

We believe the best humour is a small witty line rather than the t-shirt equivalent of a design sledgehammer.